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Requirements to Sponsor a Spouse or Family Member in Canada

You can sponsor your spouse, family members to study and work in Canada provided you meet the below requirements. To be eligible to sponsor your family members to reside with you in Canada then you must meet the following requirements for them to be allowed to move in to Canada and stay with you. First, the person you wish to sponsor to reside in Canada must be a family member and not your friend. Canadian sponsorship to an individual is only valid where the person being invited to live in is a family member.

Secondly, you must be eighteen years and above to apply for a family sponsorship to Canada so as to invite a family member or your spouse to move in and leave with you in Canada. You have to be a permanent citizen of Canada after moving in to reside in Canada yourself so that you can be in a position to sponsor a non citizen who is your family member to leave with you in Canada or to study and even to work. You must also be a permanent resident of Canada and that you are employed capable of taking care of the sponsored person you are inviting to Canada.

However, if you are not a permanent residence in Canada you must have to prove that after sponsoring your family member or your spouse you will permanently settle in Canada. Especially when you need to sponsor dependent children it's a must that you are a permanent residence of Canada and that you have proven to be capable of taking absolute care of the children, when you sponsor them to Canada. You will thus have to demonstrate that you will become a permanent residence of Canada once your sponsored family members become permanent residents. You will need the help of sponsorship lawyers since the process may not be easy for you.

Last but not the least, in order to meet the criteria to sponsor your relatives to Canada to live, study and work then you must visit the immigration department of Canada to prove that you are indeed a Canadian Citizen, above eighteen years of age or older, a permanent resident and that you reside in Canada and will continue to do so later on. You must be ready to sign an undertaking promising to provide for the basic requirements of the person being sponsored. You will also be needed to sign together with the person being sponsored that you understand your obligations and responsibilities.

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